installation, 2019

Fumarium is a light installation about the ilusion of light volumes in our mind.

A glass room filled with fog is the canvas to visualize suspended volumes made out of light. From the outside one can observe the moving laser beam creating shapes in the air. Our perception of these volumes is because of the persistence of vision. It can be defined as an ilusion of our mind.

It consisted in a 4 hour live performance on a visual syntheziser for laser projection.

Special thanks to Natalia Gima for her support with the setup.

Fumarium was part of the co-organized event "Reality or Ilusion? audiovisual experiments" for Barcelona's Poblenou Open Night event at the design school Bau. We came up with the idea of an event based on 3 installations: "Light Architecture" in the main room and "Portal" and "Fumarium" as an exhibition on the side.

Light Architecture - main room

Inmersive experience with light as an architectural element. A big format projection setup and different layers modulate the main space. The visitors are inmersed in the projected visuals from Heidacraft and the sound of dj ReasOnance.

artists: Heidi Valda, Natalia Gima, Rubén Oya

Portal - light installation

Portal is an artistic installation that explores the boundaries of human perception. A series of 3 moving light structures create an extraordinary visual efect that only exists in our persistence of vision. A tridimensional holografic portal induces an hipnotic experience.

artists: Javier Albo & Alejandro Moscoso