Broken Knee

visuals, 2019

Broken Knee is a live visual project about making art out of pain.

August 2019 I suffered a fall at a river during my stay at Digital Naturalism Conference in Panama. My kneepad resulted heavily fractured and needed surgery. Few months later I started walking again and decided to make something out of the medical scan data.

Doing some research I found the open software InVesalius to translate my computer tomography scan data from the hospital to a 3d model.

3d visualisation is made live with cables. 3d data of my knee is uploaded to a patch that reacts to sound and mouse input. You can interact with it here or clicking on the images below.

The goal is to make available an online "vj application" that reacts to everyone's music or environmental sound.

For the demo video I played the track - Peace of Mind, by Claro Intelecto.