laser installation, 2020

WVN (woven) is a laser installation about weaving a suspended fabric surface with laser beams.

It was developed in collaboration with Akyute collective and presented during Barcelona's Llum festival 2020 at the design school Bau. The main building's corridor was filled with fog and two lasers were opposed from end to end. Audio generative and reactive content generates some intricate graphics that remind to textile structures.

Special thanks to Bau design school team for the opportunity and support.

WVN was part of the co-organized event "Light up your senses" for Barcelona's offllum event at the design school Bau.

Also on display was Sense of Rhythm from Coso Nero as an interactive installation for the visitors to play with.

Sense of Rhytm is an interactive art installation about the perception of music. Visitors co-create their own rhythms and experience them in an inmersive environment through sound, light and vibrations.
Sense of Rhythm is an augmented and accessible music experience based on universal design in an effort to make it barrier-less for people with vision or hearing loss.